What are the changes in obtaining a visa for France with the BREXIT?

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What are the changes in obtaining a visa for France with the BREXIT?


With the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union, changes are to be expected to come to France. Indeed, these people will now need a visa to come to France. Withdrawal agreements have been put in place, granting some benefits to British people wishing to come to France. Some visa requirements have changed and some have not. Visa France application tells you everything you need to know about obtaining a French visa after the Brexit from January 1st 2021.


The withdrawal agreements

  • If you are married or in a civil partnership with a French national and settled in France before January 1, 2021, you benefit from a withdrawal agreement
  • If you are carrying out a professional activity in the EU that you started before 2021, you benefit from a right of entry or residence.
  • If you are British or a British family member and you reside in France before January 1, 2021, you can obtain a 5-year residence permit and even a 10-year permit if you have resided there for more than 5 years.


What does not change with the Brexit

  • Britons will not need to obtain a short-stay visa to come to the Schengen area for less than 90 days in a 180-day period. However, as with visa applicants, they must be able to provide the usual supporting documents (reason, financial resources, insurance, accommodation…)
  • All British passports issued before January 1, 2021 are recognized for visa application and border crossing.
  • British workers coming to France for a period of less than 90 days will only need a work permit. For periods longer than 90 days, a visa will be required.
  • Nothing changes for passport holders: British Nationals (Overseas), British Overseas Territories Citizens, British Overseas Citizens, British Protected Persons, British Subjects.
  • Spouses of EU members will not need a visa to join them.
  • A visa will not be required to travel to Overseas Territories.


What changes with the Brexit

  • For owners of a secondary residence in France: if you live there between 3 and 6 months, it will not be considered as your main residence in the territory. You will therefore have to apply for a long-stay visitor visa and no longer for a residence permit.
  • British nationals will need to obtain an airport transit visa.
  • All British citizens will need to obtain a long stay visa to come to France, regardless of the reason for their visit.


Visa France helps you get your visa for France after the Brexit

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