What is the purpose of biometric data for your French Visa?

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What is the purpose of biometric data for your French Visa?

When you applied for your visa, you realized that you needed a passport to travel abroad. Today, a majority of countries issue a biometric passport. This raises several questions: What is a biometric passport? What is biometrics? What is the purpose of it? Visa France Apllication answers all your questions on the subject in this article.


What is biometric data?

Biometric data are physical elements unique to each person. They allow us to accurately define a person’s identity. Biometric data found in humans include: fingerprints, DNA, or iris for example.


What is a biometric passport?

A biometric passport has the same use as a traditional passport (see our article on this subject). However, the biometric passport has a small electronic chip containing your biometric data. To read the information contained in the chip, it is necessary to use a public key infrastructure. Today, more than 150 countries in the world distribute this type of passport.


What does a biometric passport contain?

The chip embedded in your passport contains some of your biometric data. This chip contains your fingerprints and your passport photo. Your passport photo is considered biometric data because each person has a unique face. Even twins can be differentiated!


Why use a biometric passport?

Biometric passports are being issued more and more around the world. The reason is simple: it allows us to accurately verify your identity. Biometric data are unique, no two people can have the same. With this type of passport, it is more difficult to defraud, and therefore to use false papers to travel.

If you have a biometric passport, the chances of having your visa denied are greatly reduced, if not eliminated. To learn more about this subject, read our article: What are the reasons for visa refusal?


Is a biometric passport valid for life?

The information contained on a “traditional” passport can become damaged over time. With a biometric passport, personal information is protected by the chip. However, it is still necessary to renew your passport every 10 years, just like a normal passport. This is due to the fact that our physical appearance changes throughout our lives. It is therefore necessary to regularly update the biometric data to be able to identify people as efficiently as possible.


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