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All the information you need to obtain your visa for France and the best ways to react after your application has been rejected in your smartphone.

Obtain more easily your Visa for France.

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  • More than 110 applications downloaded
  • 1 lawyer specialized in foreigners’ rights
  • More than 20 free information articles published on the website
  • Get your visa for France more easily.
  • Download the forms directly.
  • Many tips to avoid refusals.

Whether you are an employee, a student, a tourist, a French parent, a member of the European Union or not… VISA FRANCE helps you to obtain your visa for France more easily.

Thanks to a system of colored alerts (red, blue and green), we explain to you all the mandatory and recommended steps for the procedure of obtaining a VISA.

“I am a 3rd year biology student in Algeria and this application helped me when I applied for my master’s degree. “

“Visa France helped me provide the necessary steps to bring my spouse from Morocco. “

“Very good application, the information is clear. We have directly the official links for the steps. “

“Simple and efficient. I recommend! “

“The colors help a lot to understand. Thank you. “


Screens of important alert of assistance and practical advice to obtain the Visa for France


Obtain directly the good form for obtain the Visa for France


Screens of important alert of assistance and practical advice to obtain the Visa for France

Demonstration of the Visa France application

Our goal

Every year, France grants more than 3,000,000 visas. However, obtaining one of these permits can seem like an obstacle course. No more hours of searching on different websites. Visa France application makes it easy for you by gathering in one place all the information to guide you in choosing your visa and the procedures to follow to obtain it. Visa France application also gathers all the documents you need to prepare your visa application.