How to obtain a student visa for France?

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This visa application applies to non-Schengen foreign nationals wishing to stay in France for a period of more than 3 months for study purposes.

Before incurring any fees (non-refundable), applicants are asked to evaluate the probability of obtaining a visa. The probability is higher if the applicant meets the following criteria: proficiency in French, high academic level already attained in an educational institution, planned studies in France at a level at least equal to or higher than the level already attained, convincing academic project, sufficient resources to cover your stay in France so that you can devote yourself to your studies.
Find all the steps to obtain a student visa with the VISA FRANCE application

You must then apply for a long-stay visa for studies by filling out a form.

In addition to the documents required for a short stay visa, the application for a long stay visa must contain proof of French language level (holders of the French baccalaureate are exempt), proof of study level, proof of enrollment in an academic institution, proof of professional activity in case of interruption of studies, proof of sufficient resources: corresponding at least to the basic monthly maintenance allowance (615 euros per month, i.e. approximately 6200 euros for the academic year), proof of accommodation in France: the attestation d’accueil, provided for short stays, is not accepted for the issuance of a long-stay visa; on the other hand, an attestation on plain paper by which a person undertakes to lodge you is accepted, provided that this attestation is accompanied by a photocopy of the French identity card or the residence permit of the person who is lodging you as well as proof of residence (property tax, housing tax, rent receipt, water or electricity bill for example).

Find all the steps to obtain a student visa with the VISA FRANCE application

Most of the time, the consulate makes its decision within 2 weeks after the visa application is submitted. However, it can take longer depending on the specificity of certain applications.
General criteria are taken into account, such as the chances that the training project in France will lead to a “successful career path”, the possible contribution of the project to the economic and social development of the country of origin or the interest of France and its cooperation with the country concerned.

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